Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I'm Not Rich, and That's Okay

Today I have to go to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, where I'll be surrounded by rich people and piles of things I can't afford.  It's a work trip, but there's something about walking into those stores that makes me feel like a fraud!  What I've realized about feeling my best in these situations is - be unique!

So what if I can't afford any of this stuff?  So what if I'm looking at jewelry more expensive than a house?  What's important is that I don't act like I shouldn't be there, because you know what?  It's just stuff.  None of the people who work in the shops can afford any of it either!

In terms of being unique, I like to wear vintage pieces, something I bought at a craft fair, or perhaps a funky pair of shoes I found in a thrift store.  The key for me is to put together a look that is entirely me, not entirely "Rodeo" (because frankly, I wouldn't dress that way even if I had the money).  Putting on a piece of fun costume jewelry will get just as many (if not more) compliments than the real stuff.

And I think this is applicable to many events and outings.  Going to a friend's birthday party with her well-to-do girlfriends?  A fancy theater event?  No need to break the bank to fit in with the crowd.  Let yourself stand out from it!

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