Monday, July 9, 2012

Gwyneth on a Budget

Jokingly, my mom likes to refer to me as the "Budget Gwyneth Paltrow" ever since I started sharing things I read on the Goop website with her (for those of you unaware, Goop is Gwyneth's website/blog about food, travel, fashion, etc.).  The obvious problem with taking advice from a rich movie star is that I am, in fact, relatively poor.  I have, however, learned to take some of her advice and adapt it to my bank account.  Many people seem to have a real problem with Paltrow and her website, but I've always loved her (I was obsessed with Shakespeare in Love in high school and then obsessed with The Royal Tenenbaums in college).  So haters beware!  I'm about to blow your minds.

Free advice . . . My favorite bit of advice I've read on Goop is this - "Don't be lazy!"  Amazingly enough, this really made an impact.  Mostly because I LOVE being lazy!  The main idea is that you can't be lazy and then complain about a lack of success.  Makes sense to me.

Eating healthy . . . I understand that organic is best, as is unprocessed.  Unfortunately, I can't afford to eat like this all of the time, which means I have to pick and choose.  With all of the weird crap being pumped into our food, I prefer to spend the extra cash on organic produce.

Enjoying life . . . Gwyneth's blog posts have a certain "Joie de Vivre" which I really appreciate.  I look forward to being ridiculously rich one day to truly have this Joy of Life.  For now, I'll do my best not to get too bummed out!

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