Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lady in the Garden

I very much envy women who have a knack for gardening.  Throughout my life I've attempted outdoor and indoor gardening.  My Oklahoma rose bush is still alive in my parents' backyard only because my father tends to it.  Thank goodness - otherwise it would be on the casualties list (which is quite long at this point).  As a kid I tried growing strawberries, sunflowers, houseplants, a mini-Christmas tree . . . it goes on and on.  Now that I've moved into my very own home, I've tried to grow dwarf sunflowers and daisies (needless to say, all of these are dead as doornails).  Luckily, I was given two succulents that keep on truckin'!  I manage to keep cacti alive!

Now, I have two plants in desperate need of help: an Easter Lily and a mini rose bush.  My Lily looks like an old corn stalk and the mini-roses look like they were pressed between the pages of a scrapbook about 50 years ago.  For some reason, I take it very hard when I kill a plant.  Partially because it's a living thing, partially because I find gardening to be a very feminine skill I am lacking.  But I'll keep trying through the year and hopefully be able to pass on some tips as I go!

Feel free to send some tips, websites, or videos!

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