Monday, June 18, 2012

Remember, You're a Lady

When I was a kid my mom always gave me little tips before leaving the house.  For example, when I'd go to the neighbor's to play I would be told, "Remember, don't overstay your welcome."  When I was going to school she reminded me, "Remember, you're not always the boss."  Once I hit 21, she began the "Remember, you're a lady" routine.  Whether in person, on the phone, or via text message, every time I'm going to a show, having a party, etc. I am offered her sage advice, "Remember, you're a lady."  I'm pretty sure all she means is "Don't embarrass yourself too badly."  So far, I think I've done okay.  Yes, I've tipped over for no reason and ended up wondering where that bruise came from the next morning, and maybe I've been shushed a few times because I am unable to control the volume of my voice after a couple of gin and sodas.  However, I never pull out weird stripper moves while dancing, I have never ridden a mechanical bull, and I always know better than to get in cars with strangers.  So I think I'm in the black on this one.  Essentially, I've decided that in order to remain ladylike while imbibing one must simply avoid the following drunk girl stereotypes: Woooo! girl, giving strangers your life story girl, aggro girl, or crying girl.  So there you go - throw on some heels, order a highball, and remember, YOU are a lady!

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