Thursday, June 7, 2012

BirthDAY . . . not birthweek or birthmonth

A person's birthday is special because it is her ONE day a year to be totally and utterly selfish, and it is socially acceptable.  She picks the restaurant, she opens gifts, she decides what to listen to in the car.  However, there seems to be an interesting trend in the "birthday week" or, God help us, "birthday month."  I cannot say that I haven't fallen victim to this before.  Who doesn't want a whole month of extra attentive well-wishers?  However, it seems to me that a real lady would accept her one day, allow herself to be a tad self-centered, and not overindulge in celebration.  In fact, I think a lack of overindulgence may be one of the key signs of a lady.  Moderation, my dear, moderation!

Next week, I will enjoy my birthday proper with a nice dinner (just the two of us) and a raucous party shortly after (where much overindulging is bound to happen).  But what the hell?  It's a last hurrah to girldom!  So I'll enjoy it while it lasts and start my quest on Sunday (well, maybe Monday . . . no one has ever bettered themselves during a hangover).

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